Cancellation Policy

We do not offer any cancellation policy for same day delivery service before 4hours of order process.

Our cancellation policy last up to 10 hours, if you cancel your order after 10 hours before the delivery no refund will be given.

If you want to return your order you need to show us the proof of purchase.

Refund Policy will inspect the product and will decide that the refund will be given or not.

We will contact you on getting your ordered product back.

We will send you the mail regarding the approval or rejection of your fund.

If your product s applicable of refunding than the refunded amount will be transferred to your account within some days.

If you have to face any difficulties in getting your refund back do contact us AFTER checking your bank amount or contact your credit/debit card company.

We only EXCHANGE the product if it has any damage or defect on it.